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Deua National Park

Berlang Camping Area to The Big Hole

(4 km return, easy)

Start your walk at Berlang Camping Area (just off The Cooma/Krawarree Road) – a great, short walk to The Big Hole. Return for a picnic at Berlang, a great spot for a family picnic and day out.

View to the Big Hole
View from the track leading to the Big Hole                        
The Big Hole
The big Hole



Berlang - Big Hole - Marble Arch

(13 km return, moderate difficulty)

Extend your walk beyond The Big Hole to that ancient, geological wonder, The Marble Arch and return to Berlang Picnic Area.

For all you budding geologists out there, the following diagram gives you a bit of an insight into just how old this region is, it even makes the dinosaurs look like teenagers.


The Marbel Arch
The Marble Arch.

Reaching The Big Hole and Marble Arch means crossing the Shoalhaven River on foot, which is not a problem most of the time, but can become dangerous if it has been raining – check with National Parks (see below).

Permits are required if you wish to abseil at The Big Hole or ‘Cave’ at Marble Arch. Permits (and info) are available from
NPWS District Office 02 4476 2888.

Eagles at the Big hole
Baby eagles on the wall of the Big Hole



 From Canberra: turn off Kings Highway – go to and through Captains Flat – onto Cooma Road – turn right – continue ‘till you see Berlang sign on left.

From Braidwood: go down Wallace Street (the main street) to Araluen/Captains Flat/Cooma sign, turn right – turn right again on Araluen Road to Cooma Road – drive across Shoalhaven (approx 23 km) and past Captains Flat turnoff (approx 5 km); the Berlang turnoff is on the right, just past a small cemetery.

Bendethera Caves Walk

(8kms return, 2.5 hrs, moderate grade)

Deep inside the Deua National Park are the Bendethera Caves – accessible by 4WD only. From the camping area the trail crosses several creeks and dry creek beds before coming to a large clearing, the trail then climbs gradually, crossing several gullies beside the creek.

Roof formations in Bendethera cave
Roof formations in Bendethera cave

Eventually you climb very steeply for roughly 350 metres, until the ground becomes quite rocky (make sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear). Shortly after here you’ve reached the mouth of the main Bendethera Cave. Take at least a weekend for your visit if you want to see what the planet was like before man stepped out of the Garden of Eden, this is it! Ancient.

Bendethera Cave

One of the many formations in the Bendethera caves
Bendetha Cave

Main cave at Bendethera

Safety First: Leave an itinerary if you decide to take this trip to the Bendethera caves; make sure everyone in your party has a torch, protective headwear and non-slip shoes.

The Deua National Park is a vast and rugged National Park, good maps and directions are essential, access from Cooma Rd on the western side of the park, Bendethera Valley can also be accessed from Moruya; the best maps on the area are the following topographic maps - access from the western side: Snowball 8826-3S and Bendethera 8826-2S, from the eastern side try Moruya 8926-3S as well as the Bendethera map.

Check for weather conditions. For restrictions, permits and camping conditions
phone NPWS Narooma 02 4476 2888