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Magnificent Monga

Here are two walks – one a wonderful doddle, the other a spectacular, serious trek. There are other walks in the Park that are in-between.

Monga Forest
Monga Forest.


Mongarlowe River Picnic Area To Penance Grove

(short stroll, easy)

The Mongarlowe River Picnic Area is the start of 2 stunning easy walks. The first is the Waratah walk. A loop walk along the banks of the Mongarlowe River, between the months of October - December you can see the Monga waratahs in bloom along the riverbank.

The walk to Penance Grove is a short 10 minute stroll - walk under the beautiful canopy of this lush, cool climate rainforest – then step onto the Boardwalk and listen to the Grove’s story being told by an unusual guide (that kids just love). A great family excursion.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ( Penance Grove has wheelchair access.)

Monga Board Walk
Monga boardwalk

Penance Grove
Penance Grove


The Corn-trail

(15 kms, one way: downhill – moderate to difficult, uphill – difficult, not recommended)

Although spectacular, this is not a walk for everyone. We suggest it’s best to start at the top and walk downhill. (It’s a tough walk the other way around). Even when going downhill, this is a long 5 to 6 hour trek. The scenic rewards of the trip make the effort well worthwhile.

Bushwalkers on the Corn Trail

Bushwalkers taking a break on the Corn Trail

Starts at Dasyurus Picnic Area – follows the ancient Aboriginal route between the tablelands and the coast – a 'highway' for colonial settlers – cross high mountain ranges and deep rainforest valleys – the trail ends at a car park at the bottom of the trail (accessible via Misty Mountain Rd), a great place to leave your car, a car shuffle is the best way to enjoy this walk.

SAFETY FIRST: It’s prudent to leave your itinerary with someone before your trek – just in case.

Horse riders on the Corn Trail
Horse riders on the Corn Trail