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Water Wheel


Tallaganda State Forest, NSW

How do I get there?

Lowden Park is in the middle of the Tallaganda State Forest. If you'd like to explore the state forest further, look at topographic map Bendoura-8826-4N.

Water Wheel
This water wheel, located in the Tallaganda State Forest, was transported to the area from Queanbeyan in 1952.


Lowden Forest Park in the Tallaganda State Forest is one of this area's best kept secrets. It's an old, little known logging camp from the late 1930s that's hidden in a gorgeous, green fern gully. It features some striking remnants of the past, such as this water wheel (below) that was used to generate electricity and charge batteries for the loggers and their logging trucks. This intriguing and extremely useful contraption, that was built in 1952 by Queanbeyan based William Hopkins and Spencer Hush, still works today.

Other historic relics, such as this historic train (below) are scattered throughout the park add to the appeal of this living time capsule and make it a firm favourite for bushwalking and mountain bike riding enthusiasts.

Historic Steam Engine

This historic steam engine is just one of the historic remnants to be found at Lowden Park, near Braidwood, NSW.


However, there's more to Lowden Park than these old pieces of machinery. The area around it features pockets of untouched rainforest and majestic stands of old trees, which explains - in part - why the loggers selected this site. In close proximity to the park, recently constructed walking trails mean visitors can explore the forest that also includes an understorey of shrubs, ferns, wattles, banksias, hakeas and geebungs, and a number of native grasses.

Steam Engine Wheel

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Lowden Forest Park is a wonderful spot for a picnic with a number of facilities available. If this neck of the woods tickles your fancy, you can always camp overnight.