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  • The Royal Mail Hotel - Wallace St Braidwood
  • Overlooking Braidwood from the foothills of Mt Gillamatong
  • Braidwood Old Style Charm


Braidwood is full of magical places where the old rubs shoulders with the
new, the everyday with the rare, the plain with the exotic.
 Stamp your home and yourself with something that expresses your personal taste. 
From retro collectables, antiques, clothing and oil lamps or find that special gift for someone.
 When you need a break try the great coffee, cakes and meals at any of Braidwoods wonderful cafes or resturants.
Come and explore Braidwood for a day or two, stay in a motel or a B&B or a heritage listed grand home.
Take your time and wander around this unique heritage listed town.
Enjoy the peaceful parks to the bustling main street.